Service Overview

BioSmart UVC brings medical grade Ultraviolet sterilization lighting right to your business. No longer is this technology exclusive to the medical industry. With the Corona Virus virtually shutting down America, as we re-open America for business BioSmart UVC helps you protect your staff and customers with our UVC sterilization services. BioSmart UVC will deploy our mobile teams to your place of business. Then using our portable UVC lighting systems in a matter of minutes we can kill most Bacteria, Viruses and Pathogens in your facility, making your business a safer place to work and visit.
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    Schedule a free consultation and we will have one of our technicians come out and assess your facility. They will observe details such as square footage and any potential barriers for the sanitization process. Taking all details into consideration, we then calculate your estimate and you will receive your free quote via email.
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    Our mobile response team will assess the perimeter upon arrival. They will set up all proper safety barriers to protect your customers and staff from exposure to the UVC light during the disinfection process. We can also arrange to UVC sanitize after hours to mitigate business down time.
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    Our UVC lighting systems will be deployed and strategically positioned for maximum coverage. Some areas may require repositioning for best coverage. In addition, our team will use our hand held UVC devices to cover recessed or shadowed areas that our larger UVC towers may not illuminate. These will also be used to sanitize high touch/traffic surfaces and areas to ensure a thorough disinfection. When our team leaves you can be confident that all surfaces exposed to the UVC light are 99% sterilized.

Own Your Own Equipment

Our UVC equipment is American made commercial medical grade grade UVC lighting. From Hospitals to residential and everything in between BioSmart UVC is your source for quality UVC Germicidal Lighting products and service.
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  • Personal Safety

So you think you might want to own your own UVC equipment and have your own staff perform sterilization of your facility. That is completely doable and BioSmart UVC can help you get started.

Keep in mind that UVC light is very dangerous to people including temporary and even permanent blindness, skin irritation and damage. With that said when you purchase your UVC lighting equipment BioSmart UVC will also help train your staff on safe operation as well as sterilization strategies for your facility.

From Powerful large area UVC towers, to hand held units we have a full array of options to fit your needs. We can also provide you with the safety barriers as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep you staff and customers safe during UVC operation.

For safe use of any UVC lighting you need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Personal safety along with safety barriers are important keep others safe and out of the treatment zone. BioSmart UVC has a full assortment of PPE and safety barriers.